Reviews for "Knock it Moose"

Nice one for a week of work. I find it a bit tough cause the ai of the enemy Moose are more difficult than I thought. Otherwise the gameplay is not impossible. The advertising of your other games is a nice touch xD. I once did the same thing as portraits in a house in one of my unpublished games. My only complain is the leaderboard for 8 Moose Pool, it doesn't load or needs to be activated. Great job though :)

I thought it was alright... The game was unbalanced but that's to be expected for a prototype. Good job.

I must say that I really enjoyed this interesting take on the pool genre!
Everything about this game has a fun vibe to it while keeping the gameplay solid yet challenging.
Good stuff.
I can totally see a mini golf game with this theme being made.
After playing Hobo Bob and now this, I'm getting a sense of your style of gaming and humor,
and I'm digging it.
Can't wait to see what's on the menu next!

So my moose has been stuck offscreen for a few minutes now, my score is at 580k and going up about 100k a minute.... Am i doing well? ;) kinda rough game play, somewhat buggy, still a fun idea.

It's really unbalanced that the other moose can attack instantaneously and the gopher attacks more than once. It makes it feel like skill doesn't matter and the only thing you can do is grind.