Reviews for "Knock it Moose"

LOL Rayman music loved it haha

oh god that Rayman music <3

It really is a lot more fun than it probably should've been, it's just goofy styalised fun. The graphics, sounds and overall design and feel are great, at the VERY least mr. Wolve appears to get style down, which for me is reason enough to keep checking out the games in the weeks to come.

Only thing that bothered me, and this is a great nit pick, is the fact that the audience claps when you get 0 points... oh well.

GuyUngerNL responds:

thanks man! glad to hear that ^^
the audience is just very optimistic

Skinner box games always leave a bad taste. Basically a mundane task that requires no skill for something that's not actually worth the effort. A game centered around this is not worth calling a game. The minigames themselves are an excuse to grind small points from short runs to buy medals.

You can claim it's a game of skill, but it's just too easy to die. I wouldn't mind so much if the deaths were fair, but they are very cheap. You're petty much dead if you're hit by another moose and that mole can and will onstantly kill you as you spawn back in. This is not a good game if you can even call it a game.

GuyUngerNL responds:

well, i put it in the category casino and gambling so I never claimed skill to be involved xD
It's made in about 4 days so I'm not too worried about people not liking it. I think it could be a lot more fun if I fixed all these stupid flaws but I'm happy with it as a prototype and I'll learn from my mistakes for the coming weeks!

Thanks for your honest review :)

Wanted to like this, but just couldn't. After a few seconds, all control just disappears, and all you can do is watch the other moose bounce you around until you fall in the hole. Hardly a game at all, more like an animation that is barely interactive for only a few seconds at a time.