Reviews for "Knock it Moose"

I like this game, it's good for killing time plus it's got good graphics :)

The only complaint I have is the mole. I can't even line up a shot without being thrown into the hole by that jerk. But I did waste a bunch of time on this game so it works!

OMG! Is it Rayman intro song at the begining?

Found a glitch that makes it pretty easy to get the money you need for the items in the store. On Black Hole, move over to the side of the screen between the black boxes and aim the moose directly up or down, but don't release to shoot. If you get hit the right way by the mole or another moose, you'll get stuck off screen going back and forth for an extended period of time. At first the other moose will just fall into the hole, but eventually one or more will get stuck on a bumper and the score goes up like crazy. Other than that, a good concept made unnecessarily frustrating by the mole and the complete lack of protection after you return to the play field.

Simplistic yet fun