Reviews for "Knock it Moose"

ASound Button, and ability to turn down volume, som it doesn't blow your hea doff! Decent Game, 3.5 of 5, for the sound.

I like the music, but the game is pretty confusing :/

LOL it lasted around 10 minutes to count all my money :p

It seems difficult to actually stay on the map, as the velocity at which you launch keeps you from actually being able to maneuver. So it stops becoming doable once the mole and moose keep hitting you, but prior to that it can be fun to dodge and hit. I enjoyed it for a little bit.

played the first few times and thought it was pretty easy, but now every time i shoot once that damned mole comes after me, even when i've just shot!
why does that mole have to be in the game?
it's like you want me to lose, i can't get over 800 points!