Reviews for "Whistle"

I loved it. Graphics, story, music..
I got 3 endings. How many are they?

It was a short but amusing experience. I went after all 3 endings. The only thing is that the storyline was rather short for the other two endings in which you end up being killed (they lacked detail), but that's to expect because neither of them could be cosidered the 'true' ending. As I said, it was rather short, but very immersive, with appropriate music and background sounds. I never knew when something was going to pop up at my face. The fact that mannequins were used to represent the characters made the game creepier, as it showed them like they lacked personality, or even feelings, as they were empty in soul, and also so suggested the environment, formed with dull, like "dead" colours, and the feeling of isolation and loneliness transmitted by the scenarios as you pass by. It's disturbing to think that the brother was the perpetrator of his sister's murder, since they were both little kids, and it reflects lack of innocence. What was left to imagination was the reason the brother was there, since the story doesn't really tell what happened to him later. I assume he must be dead for him to be there in the first place. My first guess was that he commited suicide, since the storyline stated that he didn't find any joy in his sister's death. To wrap this up, let me say that it was fun, scary and immersive with good music and artwork, and a short but blunt story, and I expect more works like this. But what I still wonder is who is the player playing as...

My rating: 5/5

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Maximiliano Motta (A.K.A: Decaspear/Supermasito)

An amazing game! It created a creepy and dark atmosphere. I couldn't find the other ending than Mischief and Inwardly... Still a good game, though!

really dark feeling to the game. had the endings injury and mischief.

Nice game