Reviews for "Yotam & Fantasia 12"

I really loved the animation and the character detail/development. And although I didn't find it as funny as the previous installments of the series, I still found this highly enjoyable and entertaining. I really love your work, Yotam. And I am very excited to see what new animations you have for fellow fans such as myself.

Congradulations on yet another Daily Feature! Seriously, I hope you beat illwillpress for total. While I didn't find this to be one of the best, it's still quite good. It's mostly because of how you just keep on setting jokes up. Even if it didn't amount to much, it's still well done. The voices are as good as ever.

I'm just going to assume you did all the voices. I would think Fantastia would voice herself. She has to be real, right? I've become familiar with sex, too. On the Internet, aren't we all?

idk what to say i was a cool interview but not quite there yet... i mean it used to be funnyer

The animation and voice acting since well as usual, unfortunately I find this to be more filling than what it should be. I guess what im saying is speed up where this is going to keep the humour and interest. I found myself checking my e-mail partially through it because I got bored. It's a lot more of a dry comedy in this particular episode, and it seems like your trying to get the characters personalities more focused now, which is fine, if you give more time for the comedy, which I personally didn't get enough of. Maybe I've come to expect too much of this "series" or maybe I'm just a condescending asshole, either way, to me it feels like your straying. Look forward to the next one.

Woo, another episode! That's an interesting interview they've got going here, an intriguing topic for a show, though it ends kinda, without any final punchline or pun. Animation; voicing's both great. Looking forward to the next one!