Reviews for "The Library"

This story is interesting and enjoyable! Cute drawings :D

......A Kawaii game all right
it was fun, cute, nice and entertaining.
Short but who cares about the game being short. the only that's special is the hard work you put in this game
keep it up

waffrus responds:


Good & classic like game

p.s.: in this type of games you can press tab to see the click-able items... that's where i found doodle master... in the heart!

so try to make it into a larger click area, waffarus...

waffrus responds:

Yes, based from the feedback, I figured that next game should have more obvious clickable areas and stuff. Tried to implement that in The Cafe (Library's sequel). Edited the game a bit to make the heart more obvious now.
Also, I did not know about the option of pressing tab to see clickable places. Good to know! Thanks!

It's a very cute delightful game that reminds me of those old school children books or even the fantasy books where you would flip pages when you made a decision. The music fitted the game and story plot was not bad!

I would of liked a change in background, that would of jazzed it up a bit, rather than just see the same background whilst you go through the game!

FYI- the adverts are NOT the fault of the developer, its a standard feature for all games on new grounds YA DOUCHEBAG! Don't bad mouth a game/ developer because you haven't tried it or you can't play it ya nut job!

Anyways, back to review:

Plot- 8/10

Great game, love it!

ps- how do you get the doodle master achievement? It's the only one I can't find :/

waffrus responds:

Thanks for such a thoughtful review! And for defending me, haha.
The sequel for this game has two backgrounds, so I'm slowly trying to get more features and art for each new game. Gotta keep practicing and making more stuff. <:
As for the doodle master, you have to click on the heart on Dani's shirt. It was made as a really random easter egg and to test how a non-dialogue option would work. Will try to make them more obvious in the future though, haha.
Thanks again!

Interesting game with unique experience because of dialog.
To get last medal just click picture.
The bad thing is this game was too short and only one image. i would had liked if i went to different location and had a different image.

waffrus responds:

Working on trying to make these games longer and with more/better art. I just have to keep practicing! :D