Reviews for "Bamboozle"

Something about this track reminded me of "La Folia", especially the faster interpretations of it. But I'm not going to dig into exactly what that is. Mostly harmonies and progressions and such :p

I agree with OmegaP that a harpsichord would've been a cool addition. But I like listening to this in it's current format too.

Here's a thought. There has always been one thing that I've had a slight difficulty of appreciating to its full extent with this kind of classical music. Don't get me wrong, I totally love classics of this kind as a whole. But I feel that in some ways, there's not enough variation in some of them. Especially when it comes to rhythm, and structure. Not everything has to have variation either, of course, but still... The melodies are great, as are the chord choices.

The progressions and movements, even in different chords and scales stay similar throughout the track, to the most parts. On the other hand, I do enjoy the contrast between the bass melodies and the higher melodies, while allowing room for eachother. But I guess that the reason I may feel that the method is overdone, is because it has been done for centuries XD
Nothing wrong with using an old technique if it works :)

And as I said, it's only a personal preference. And I couldn't honestly remove any stars for it even if I wanted to (which I don't), because you absolutely nailed the style of Bach with this, which is what it would seem you were aiming for.

And I'm far from deaf to the actual changes in progression. That was more of a comment as to why I can only listen to bach's preludes for so long before getting bored, than a comment on this actual piece. When you take a more "chaotic" (although still structured track) like Toccata and Fugue, I'm onboard for the entire ride, even if there are instances of what I talked about. Just a preference when it comes to style of arrangement :)

But in this track, there is actually more variation than in many of Bach's preludes (the ones I've heard at least), which I really appreciate. I especially enjoy the little extra (perhaps a bad choice of words, but currently I have no better) parts like the ones at 0:37, and 2:07, for instance. The slowdown at the end, although it sounds mechanic, works wonders. I say mechanic, but a real orchestra could definitely play that part in the same style as well. I guess that I simply prefer something where the musicians are more independent, and their own individual styles shine through, than something like this that would most like be directed exactly according to the sheets, as most major orchestras tend to want to reflect the original composer's style and intentions as closely as possible.

Now, as I've said, the melodies and progressions are wonderful, and stay true to the style you were going for. It's a shame that Kor-Rune was disqualified though.

Overall, I really enjoyed the track, for what it is :)

P.S. This turned out not to be much of a review, now did it, hahha? XD There's no need to leave a long response to this :)

Phonometrologist responds:

Instead of a harpsichord, how about I keep the piano and add a Moog? I've updated this so it can sound more chaotic, and it doesn't sound quite as old

Oh I really like this! I feel like "Bach" is a really big style to tackle :) The beginning reminds me a minuet, except for the 5/4 part, but when the strings come in it starts to sound more like one of Bach's Preludes with the two going different parts. I really don't know much about Bach's style so I could be way off.
The composition is excellent, I am sure your counterpoint is spot on, and it melodically flows well. I really wish I could hears this piece played by a chamber orchestra complete with harpsichord! That is really the only thing I would change about this is with all the complex string lines you can really tell that they are samples and with this style I really want to hear the real thing. I know you cant change that but it would be fun to do in the future. Great Job!

Phonometrologist responds:

Yeah I ran out of time really to get the arrangement that I wanted completely with all the different parts. Spent a little bit too much time on the composition side of it. But either way, I enjoy this writing style from time to time, but I know not everyone likes Baroque music. Thanks for listening and your comments. I'm going to contemplate on this one.