Reviews for "Night Mare"

i guess this is a reality check for all bronies.
go be a faggot somewhere else

I found this very difficult to fap to. Not impossible though.

LOL "No one can tell you who you are" ... said by a person who got told to be a pony by some kids's cartoon, ironic, isn't it. In a sense we ALL are what we are told to be. Be it fashion, a book, a kid's cartoon or a reality show, modern consumptionist desire to have more money and wealth marketed as having status and the very existence of the concept of having status, all dictate us what we want. Of course we all ultimately want happiness, but we're being told what gives it, we're programmed to consider what triggers happiness.

This was good, but I'd like to clarify that not all bronies dress up as ponies or want to become ponies. Most of us enjoy watching the show and leave it at that. We're not THIS pathetic.

What a happy ending for everyone else on this earth.