Reviews for "Night Mare"

i may be a brony, but i really really love this. its probably the best thing ive seen on newgrounds all year

ALMOST made me get feels, but very very few things have managed to make me feel.

Eh. He can choose to reincarnate in that world. DIMENSIONS AND THEIR UNIVERSES! Bro', do you even space and time? *flexes clock*

Music, animation, art, and style, loved to death, shrek/5 stars.

My god, this was legitimately depressing. The thumbnail is incredibly deceiving, and the ending was downright cruel. The message presented may be interpreted in different ways, but to me, I think it's about setting a realistic dream.
Because jumping off a cliff probably sucks.

And bronies and haters alike; you need to read the description and realize this isn't meant to be taken seriously.

ThePivotsXXD responds:

Woah you actually read the description??? You just got 10+ Brownie Points!!!

Good music good story 5 stars