Reviews for "Night Mare"

Was one of those coffin carriers supposed to be Walter White? His clothing seemed to be there to differentiate him from the rest of the mourners.

I love how hard you worked on this to keep it so clearly neutral on the "issue" of bronies, in fact it seems like the whole animation/song was solely to lead up to the final two lines of the song. Keep your abnormal tastes to the internet kidz.

hmm... how do I react to this? The animation was smooth, and the sound quality was great, ad they both compliment eachother quite nicely. the story was... depressing. and I'm not sure which audience this is going to, Bronies or haters. 5 stars for the quality and time I expect was put into the video. but I am still confused.

I may be a brony h8tr..... but *sniff*..... the FEEEEEELS!!!! *CRIES!!!!*

depressing ...