Reviews for "Night Mare"

This was a pretty cool! Music with a kinda potential moral, and an awesome guitarl solo towards the end. I feel like the song could be clearer somehow, but that doesn't have anything to do with this work I guess. Graphics are great, consistently crazy and slick. Nice work!


hang loose dude

I thought it was great animation/song even if you are or aren't a brony/pegasister. as the lyrics states "You’re not one to blame, you can’t help that you’re you But sometimes our dreams just aren’t meant to come true." its just the truth, since that's just life for yah. sad- but simple and true. the part where he is "free" from his night-"Mare" and sprouts wings was my fav part since it was so impactful/turning point of the whole story.

what a beautiful, ugly truth..

even as a brony, i enjoyed this. Mostly because i find it painfully true. it's a lovely tragedy. good animation.

Nice horse-drawings. What do you have against bronies? Are you a brony?

But seriously -- this is one of my favourite songs on the new album, and your video did it justice. Swift, merciful justice. ;D