Reviews for "Golden Duel"

Man this game pissed me off.
Upgrades were nice, yet there was nothing for accuracy which I though would be more prominent for a quick draw / shooting game. I have full luck, two bits of armour, the best gun pointing right at their face and still get beaten by a level 3 opponent.
Every time I restarted there were these strange blue strips covering the bad guy and Johnny and sometimes the drunk throughs nothing at all, not sure if intentional or not but grinds my gears when the gun doesn't even follow my cursor and just shoots the ground or sky after reloading.
On a side note I love the music and the animation was nice, hence the two stars

Wow, it's like Gunblood except I have to play it over and over to buy all the upgrades.

A decent game for being a complete rip off of gun blood but there are two serious problems, one the reloading system is dumb as hell, why the crap do you need to go over the stupid chamber to reload? the other problem is the town drunk, his bottles actually kill you dead and make you restart like he was a real duel and the bottles are only worth 50 bucks each that is just bad planning in my opinion.

Hm remind me of Gun blood just without the glorious Splatter effects

duquekarl responds:

...and with a shop to buy upgrades, with armors, with skills to dodge bullets/miss shots (Luck), with improved weapons, and also in this game you can reload your gun if you run out of bullets. Oh, and of course with glorius music and graphics :)

Very funy!!! I Really enjoy playing this game:) Thank you!!!