Reviews for "Golden Duel"

its just as GUN BLOOD but with upgrades, still i really enjoyed playing it

Surprisingly fun. Sadly, once you have all the power ups, it feels a tad easy. Still had a great time.

duquekarl responds:

Fortunately you can erase your progress (ie: money and power ups) so you can set your own challenge. Thanks for the comment! Stay tuned for a new Golden Duel very soon!

This is a solid game. I like the sense of progression you feel as you mow down harder foes. In future bug fixes, I would make it so that the different hit boxes had different feels to them. In a western game that I remember plays similarly to this one, I always felt like I had made a good shot based on the reactions of the opponents. I would try implementing something like this in the future.
Overall, it's a good spaghetti western game!

Good game! Good Game!

Really fun game! A bit laggy at times but still 5/5