Reviews for "denudation"

it reminds me of sonic, the way you have to recollect your power whenever you get hit. great game for such a short amount of time.

how to find the secret end of this game;

Interesting concept, but really annoying when you get one-shotted, and then when you have to collect all your fragments again...it also takes too long to do so and aiming/the speed reduction is really annoying.

At first I was thinking "meh" but I will say this....I couldn't leave until I beat the thing. Really well done loved the controls and it ended up being a really fun game. well done.

Simply Amazing. A completely original idea for an action adventure game. The whole concept of having your ammo, jump boost and upgrade system work as a single gameplay mechanic works like a charm. Im sad the game is so short, but I think it could hold on its own for a full release!