Reviews for "denudation"

This was pretty cool, indeed.

The pixel graphics are nice, and the music is cool, although I believe it doesn't fit the theme of the game very well.

I quite like the mechanics of the game, where we need to absorb fragments in order to acquire higher powers, and the fragments are the building blocks of different objects found in the way. The shrine battle was nice, but beating it without dying is close to impossible. The full power state lasts too short, since you spend fragments whenever you shoot.

Better than Knack.

I really did like this game a lot, but it did not make much sense to me. I could tell that I got more powerful as it went on. It seemed like I beat the level, but that was apparently the whole game. As I already beat it, I'm not too eager to look for more stuff. I didn't even encounter one enemy. I got the secret ending, I guess?

It really is a creative game. It was interesting to see how you had so much power over your environment. It was fun just to see those blocks rise towards you. I don't even think your grabbing power got any stronger with that. It was a great game for Ludum Dare.

Pretty nice.

Dude. Stop making those awesome games.

I can't take it. You're a flash game legend, and I'm jealous.

God you're so talented.