Reviews for "denudation"

I get the feeling this is a prequel (or sequel) to your other game, Exposure, either way it's a great game. Except for the many other reviews that point out how short it is, and how occasionally you can stick to a wall as if you were on a platform. Other than that, I would say it is a good game.

Short, but fun game.

Controls- It controls pretty well. You do have the tendencies of getting stuck on walls, however.
Gameplay- It's short, but satisfying. There is only one boss to face with several different stages of said boss. Short, but beating it is a little challenging, but rewarding. The extreme forgiveness in lives is nice (essentially infinite lives, but need to refuel your character).

It's a short game, but fun to play.
(Yes, I did find the alternate ending). :)

not so bad, but kinda bugged

I fucking love everything you make. Keep up the good work.

awesome concept! you can do it longer ;)