Reviews for "Hobo Bob"

Nice work, very original and excellent use of hobos!

Love this game!

While initially I was worried that the game'd put too much emphasis on having to memorize the exact location of each obstacle, making it as frustrating as older games such as Shadow of The Beast, it was actually a lot more about concentration and getting used to rearranging your fingers on the keyboard. Especially in infinite mode there's no use relying on memory, instead you have tons of fun anticipating the next obstacle. Oh, and the music was groovy as well.

And this was made in a mere week? Color me impressed!

only on level 1 and at the end i already go WTF x7 so i think this deserves all my R

Doesn't work. Freezes at first "press a to jump".

GuyUngerNL responds:

its supposed to freeze and unfreeze when you hit A
maybe your browser wanst focussed on the game when you tried to jump?

Awesome game and the concept of the game is cool, infinite mode challenging at times but fun.