Reviews for "Hobo Bob"

Great game!

Good game but it has to much lag so im only giveing 3/5.

edit: 4 years later and i come back with a better pc not that bad honestly a fun quirky little game. 4 stars

I love the game and it's sort of addictive for the first few hours of playing until you get bored of it so, meh. I also want to know how to upload your high score.

Excellent job, great music, loving the hobo dancing at the end of each level. It's a concept i've seen many times before, an 8 bit runner with timed requirements. I do like your choice on the controls (A,S,K,L). I felt comfortable the whole time I was playing. Maybe some enemies and having your character the ability to move every direction instead of always forward and having him race a timer would've put this game over the top, and maybe give it platforms? Just some suggestions great game I enjoyed playing it.

*COF* *COF* Bit trip runner *COF* *COF*