Reviews for "Hobo Bob"

It was so fun! And that end dance though! Made me very nostalgic afterwards! Gave up before I could rage to much.

I found it really hard but a great game

The keys you use are als, the order in which you learn them spells als. COINCIDENCE? ILLUMINATI? Maybe

GuyUngerNL responds:

hahah, it actually goes a lot further. the keys that belong to the moves you unlock zig-zag over the middle row of a keyboard (qwerty at least)
a l s k d j f h g

The Power Of Bob Compells you!

I love the wobbly camera feeling to it. very "snes", I should say. I wanna do frikking games like that, dood. this is a treat to the eyes! let me know if you need help for animation and shit :)