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Reviews for "Hobo Bob"

I noticed this: First 3 Keys-A, L, S. ALS.

Its really fun at first but gets a little repetitive even when it changes later on in the game also another complaint is that you can't change the quality of the game but it still runs pretty good.

I really like the game's pace and how the longer you play, the more confusing the levels become. But more than that, I enjoy seeing Bob do his victory dance at the end of every stage!

I don't even know XD
Fun game,though :D

Fun game! A bit too hard for me. I played until I obtained the bodyslam move and then it just got too much for my brain and fingers to compute! :D ...anyway, really smooth gameplay, nice sound fx and quirky main character. I like that the game gets quite badass with shooting those robots etc. I wonder how much further it goes, but I shouldn't play any more for now to prevent frustration from kicking into rage :P ...I might play it some more some other day. Great job! I love all of these weekly games of yours and I'm so impressed with how polished they all are. Amazing job!