Reviews for "Hobo Bob"

I really like the game's pace and how the longer you play, the more confusing the levels become. But more than that, I enjoy seeing Bob do his victory dance at the end of every stage!

I don't even know XD
Fun game,though :D

Fun game! A bit too hard for me. I played until I obtained the bodyslam move and then it just got too much for my brain and fingers to compute! :D ...anyway, really smooth gameplay, nice sound fx and quirky main character. I like that the game gets quite badass with shooting those robots etc. I wonder how much further it goes, but I shouldn't play any more for now to prevent frustration from kicking into rage :P ...I might play it some more some other day. Great job! I love all of these weekly games of yours and I'm so impressed with how polished they all are. Amazing job!

WOAH! This game doesn't lag and the motions are so smooth! Not to mention you just gotta love the jumping animations and Bob's dance!

It literally melted my brain to play this, but I love the story, the art style, and the humor. I only made it as far as the slide ability before I had to call it quits. But if you can handle it, this game is amazing!