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Reviews for "Hobo Bob"

Given your response to another review, I had an overwhelming feeling that this game was giving me too many keys to use.
I've enjoyed playing this game so far, great memory game, gets you feeling a little pumped when you're basically jamming all the keys when you realized that you missed the first time! Maybe you could add an additional challenge level where there are more rows being utilized? I'm sure there are some who'd go for the challenge.

This is more than loosely based on bit trip runner but for what it is I do find it enjoyable and the title grabbed me.

GuyUngerNL responds:

Hmm.. I played 1 or 2 levels of bit trip runner and sound was indeed inspired by it. But it was not what I had in mind when making the game. The idea for this game came from that I thought it would be cool if you had to remember just too many keys to play with. I would have added an extra row of keys if I had the time xd

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!

This was one of the most highly enjoyable games I have played by far. It has simple mechanics and yet can become highly difficult due to the various inputs one has to put. That is what makes this game work, along with very particular sense of humor. I feel like we have the same sense of humor and that is what made me love this game even more.

An issue though, which many have said before, is the very laggy frame rate whenever things begin to get hectic on the screen.

Other than that. This game is amazing.

10/10 will play for days to come, until your next game.

love it! its both adorable and challenging. superb job man, keep it up :)

Now that, was thoroughly enjoyable. I feel I have improved my typing skills just playing it :D

Good luck on your 1 week games!