Reviews for "Hobo Bob"

I don't give fives, that I like the sacrificial lamb, but this is the first thing have played that comes close. I love it, It was really fun and challenging. The ending was priceless.

GuyUngerNL responds:

i am honored :)

Wasn't very challenging to me, but I'm usually good at these sort of games. I would like to make an inquiry however, I eventually beat each level without any mistakes, yet I'm only 5th place on the weekly rankings. Is there something you can do to increase your score that was not explained?

This Game is Great, Just THOSE FUCKING CONTROLS MY GOD. Easy to get a hang of, but instincts tell you to press space.

omagawd i fell in love with hobo bob so fast hes the best love ur work man kudos ur a fucking genius :D

Awesome .