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Reviews for "Hobo Bob"

With a control scheme that makes as much sense as Final Fanasty 13's plot, this game is a distraction at best. While as much I thought the game was cool and could have provided a fair challenge every time, I repeat, EVERY TIME A NEW BUTTON IS INTERDOUCED YOU HAVE TO SPEND AT LEAST AN HOUR GETTING ADJUSTED! That's because due the way the control scheme is set up and interdouced, you'll be switching around your fingers EVERY DAMN TIME! That means as soon you get comfortable with index finger being door kick, IT NOW MEANS AN ENTRIELY DIFFERNET THING AND YOU BE DIEING EVERY DAMN TIME HALF WAY THROUGH THE LEVEL BECAUSE THE GAME EXPECTS YOU TO BE CONASTLY FLIPPING YOUR FINGERS AROUND! Maybe this my fault and how I play rhyme games, BUT GOD DAMN IT, IT PISSES ME OFF! if this game had a controller scheme, it would easily be 5\5 for me because this game is just that good... but it's held back by way too awkward controls.


I don't give fives, that I like the sacrificial lamb, but this is the first thing have played that comes close. I love it, It was really fun and challenging. The ending was priceless.

GuyUngerNL responds:

i am honored :)

Wasn't very challenging to me, but I'm usually good at these sort of games. I would like to make an inquiry however, I eventually beat each level without any mistakes, yet I'm only 5th place on the weekly rankings. Is there something you can do to increase your score that was not explained?

omagawd i fell in love with hobo bob so fast hes the best love ur work man kudos ur a fucking genius :D