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Reviews for "Hobo Bob"

Great game but my fuck my life the controls are just too fucking much.

AWESOME! Tell me! What library did you use to program this?!?! It is super awesome!

GuyUngerNL responds:

i use my own library! its called the WolvePack, its not released yet but if you check my Ludum Dare game this year, the source of the whole game including an old version of the WolvePack is there for download :)

The game is fantastic, although I highly, HIGHLY recommend players to use a gamepad and the software JoyToKey to play it. Playing with a gamepad is a whole 'nother level of epic.

A fun and addictive game when you get your head around the controls. The floor smash is a little frustrating as it is difficult to see any obstacle straight after it especially on infinite mode. I would have also mapped the floor smash and rocket to one of the other 6 keys, but i managed to cope alright with it. I hope you make good on your weekly release plan. Keep up the good work

Very challenging and fun, I love this game! I would love to have Bob work for me, so hardworking! The controls are pure evil though :(