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Reviews for "Sweet Adventure"

Not bad. Simple and fun, although the momentum given by a simple single press of left or right is a little off-putting, especially when you careen into an enemy after jumping and moving forward...

Not bad at all for a first (or at least early) game! Although it plays like you're on ice and character is a bit too fluid in movement so you might want to play with that (should be pretty simple tweaking some variables).

Backgrounds look amazing and it's clear you've put some time and effort into this.

A simple platformer with no personality at all, the only thing we do is to collect items and pass to the next level with no objective. Then the controls have many flaws, it's difficult to stop the player.

This game is quite simple but otherwise it's fine. 4/5

I'm glad to see that you're keeping yourself busy despite prevailing circumstances! Game development is a time-consuming hobby.

Try and check the player character's momentum. You can build up a frankly irresponsible amount of speed and then take forever to slow down, like you're walking on ice. This is easily compensated for with adjustments from the player, but it makes precision platforming difficult, and that seems to be a major focus for this test.

Also, the player character jumps stupidly high, and I've noticed there's no way to control the height of your jump. I don't really give a crap if a tiny player character jumps 10 times their height, but a little bit more control wouldn't be unwelcome.

The artwork is lovely, especially the background graphics. Good job there! I noticed that a few times I actually missed candies that were right in front of me until I had already moved on and the background scrolled away a bit, so maybe it might be a bit too noisy? You can compensate by using mostly candies that have radical or bright colors like red and use less of the tan-colored candies or candies that blend in with major background colors like green.

I like the aesthetic that you went for. It's bright and cheerful, and the music isn't too intrusive, so it works pretty well. The only thing that could make it better is if you tighten up the gameplay. Nothing too major, you know. Just make some improvements here and there.

Also, I noticed that if you hold down the jump button (my instinct is to hold it down to make the PC jump higher even though I know you jump the same height no matter what) the jump sound effect will play continuously. Try to fix that.

I give this game a promising 4 out of 10 stars. Keep up the good work!