Reviews for "Majestic They Are"

Wow! This will not be an easy song to go up against. And there are 2 more competitors as well o.O

The intro is wonderful. A very pleasant sound.
The composition overall is very beautiful. Nothing to complain about there at all, imo. It's consistent, but brings forth new things, and is beautiful all the way through.

I think that the percussion at 0:41 was perhaps a bit sudden. But that's an extreme nitpick. What bothers me more is the way it sounds a bit mechanic, in terms of note velocity. It sounds to me like every second or so it repeats the exact same velocities. But maybe that's not the case. It may just be the way they're mixed. They keep on doing the same thing for a pretty long time either way. But it is good advice, not to take too much mixing advice from me, as I'm horrible at it myself, so I'll leave it at that, hahha :D
The other percussion is fine though, and ads much in the right places.
I am a huge fan of the instrumentation in general. The strings are very soft and nice. The piano melody is smooth and beautiful, with a lot of reverb, in a way that I like. The flute (if that is what it is), ir good too.

The choirs of course -while they don't sound realistic- sound good.

The climax at 3:05 is wonderful. The percussion gets a major change too (well, until our old friend gets back at 3:33), which is nice. If I had to mention something, it is that I think there's not enough dynamic volume change between the part that came earlier and the climax. But that can be pretty difficult to mix with so much going on (I couldn't do it well, for example). The percussion might need a bit more bass power, but I'm not sure about that (really nice touch with the drum solo before the climax). I think that is a horn playing during the climax too. It fits in nicely with all the rest.

The bells (church bells) are just the right intrument for this track. The choir that comes in late in the piece is amazing.

The way the end hints at the beginning adds a lot to the finish (Love that deep bass drum).

Overall, I think you've made a wonderful track, and I certainly think you have a chance of making it to the next round! But for personal reasons, I kinda hope you don't, hehhe. We have a pretty cool track coming your way too ;)

Remember to take my review with a grain of salt. I would wait and see what the more professional reviewers say, hahha :D

Good luck :3

papkee responds:

The only one who's really good at mixing here is Skye, so don't blame yourself. It's fucking hard.

The sudden hit of the bass and the orchestra was intentional. I wanted to go from light and airy to grounded and moving really quick.

Interestingly, that's a recorded hi-hat that I was banging away at. Of course, it's looped a bunch of times, but it's at least real.

Choirs are some of the hardest samples to get to sound natural. It mostly comes down to notation and programming, neither of which I'm really good at.

I'll take your review with a grain of salt and a side of sliced carrots with a caesar salad.

I'm not one to judge a cinematic piece, but this is so good that I can't not leave a comment.

It's great to come across an orchestral piece like this one since most of the high-tier tracks in Newgrounds' classical community (as far as I can see, anyway) consists of tracks which are either really really dark or really really light. I have a hard time finding things like this, which are kind of in-between.

And it's sad that so many people look down on classical music, because they're missing out on things like this.

But regardless this is amazing! I really really like the bit from 02:32 to 03:00, that sounds awesome! Keep up the good work, and good luck in NGADM!


papkee responds:

That part of the song was actually one of the original ideas I had for it and I'm glad it worked out so well. I was worried the horns and the choir would muddle each other but they really played rather nicely together.

Thanks for the nice complements!

Oh man, this is just so pretty...I'm trying to really listen closely with a critical ear so I can offer you a solid critique, but I'm finding myself simply getting lost in the beautiful atmosphere.

While I don't dislike the percussion, I do agree with midimachine that the drum kit used here just doesn't do the song justice. I personally think that the hi-hats work well later on in the song, but a good shaker would have really fit the mood nicely earlier on. Maybe some soft cymbal swells, too. Yeah, I think that would sound amazing.

Truthfully, this piece gave me chills. There are a few small details that could use a bit of tweaking, but the overall atmosphere of the piece made me feel all warm and fuzzy, and if I closed my eyes it felt like I was flying. That is some incredible imagery that you've managed to conjure up with this music, and it almost feels as though it builds and builds from start to finish, until it finally eases off towards the horizon.

The ending is simple yet fitting, giving me one more shiver up my spine before passing into the horizon and out of sight. I keep going back to that ending to listen to that rumble and final echoing boom, again and again.

I love this, it is just so good. There's nothing more for me to do here besides listen yet again and wish you the absolute best of luck in the NGADM. Excelsior~!

I love the emotion at the beginning, as well as the filter/echo effects. It progresses very slowly, yet you leave yourself a lot of space for contrast and climax. The warm mood is beautiful. I appreciated the melodies at 1:40, but the percussion there didn’t work for me. It added a more staccato-y and almost exotic dynamic to what is at heart a very down-to-earth and organic-sounding piece. The low strings at 2:35 are beautiful. They lead into the arrival point of 3:06 very well. Here, the percussion works better IMO because it adds a dynamic of energy and progression amidst a full texture. The emotional height you created at 3:06 dragged on for a little too long, though, sort of trivializing the beauty in a way. In fact, this piece is a little structurally flat within the emotional height from 3:06 to 5:00. The section lacks much textural change or phrasing. I like how you brought it full circle at the end with the part at 5:00, though. I really like this piece overall. I just think that fixing a couple of structural details would’ve helped bring out even more emotion here. Keep up the good work, Papkee! ;)


This review was written for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match 2015.



You have gotten a LOT better over the years. GREAT PIECE. :D

papkee responds:


U da best