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Reviews for "Fate Machine 1.0"

I am The Incredible Koopa the viking God. My destiny is to enslave the skies.

I am Yzma Illpallazzo, the blind vampire hunter.
My destiny is to challenge the FBI.

Probably in a vampire hunting competition because they can't stand losing, when all they do is investigate and find hidden clues while I hunt and kill vampires. Blind. It's Yzma, bitches o_o

Ok, another try....
Oh look, I'm Gonkmaster Jesus, the incompetent priest.
My destiny is to turn wood into my inner demons....

Well... priest.... Jesus... master of the gonk... turn something into something religios... maaan, all fitting together D:

i am Wilson n****r, the war-torn prince and i wrestle with geoge w bush

Pretty sure I've got a good one here...

My name is... Johnny Optimus Prime, The Bloodthirsty Magician. My destiny is to shoot gold pieces at Diarrhea.

Great gadget. Love it. :3

this is AWESOME for some laughs,

I'm Sanic Eggman
the Heroic Internet Touch Guy
and my destiny is to Conquer the universe.