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Reviews for "Fate Machine 1.0"

and now, for 6 random picks

I am Tom Luigi the, moonwalking lord of fuck.
My destiny is to moon the pantheon of greek gods.

I am the Unstable Herobrine, the rabid redshirt minion.
My destiny is to create the NSA.

I am Rocket Hammm, the hentai drawing magician.
My destiny is to exploit alaska.

I am Bill Megatron, the rotten, decaying supermodel.
My destiny is to get buttseck'd by Jesus.

I am dumbass Juniper, the dragon fucker.
My destiny is to slapfight with hobos.

I am Tony el Doro, the fearsome space-pirate!
My destiny is to feel up the internet!

"You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best" - Soldier, several times a day

You are Baron Megatron, the Godlike Space marine. Your destiny is to Conquer Texas.


i already love it and i'm only on the opening screen. "eating teletubbies" "downloading porn" "your brain is now 29%cheese"
I can't pick a favorite.
"you are Gonkmaster John, the unassuming Meister.
your destiny is to conquer the pantheon of Norse Gods."
Huh. Pretty badass one there. Better than getting knifed by a little girl.
It's funny as hell, though I've seen many of these. This is my favorite one, though. For doing this better than the others I've seen, i give you 4.5 stars. I took half a star off for this being a very overused concept.

You are Master Reject, the orkish hipster.
Your destiny is to buy out cosplay costumes.

You are Frank Midget, the Lubricated Communist.
Your destiny is to Set fire on all Flatchests.

You are Frank Bowser, the uncertain scientist.
You destiny is to create the Immaterium. (wut)

You are Willy Motherfucking Oak, the tea-soup eating Dictator.
Your destiny is to be inferior to George W Bush. (please god no!)

You are Jeremy Pot, the Sneaky Psychopath.
Your destiny is to write dirty fanfiction about a dozen Saiyans.... O_O

You are Stinky Two-toes, the Maniac lord of fuck.
Your destiny is to mercilessly lord over the five-hundred companions.

My very first result was something about me being Yahweh, and it seemed epic. Very odd.

i am otaku american hobo the perfectly sober spammer my destiny is to summon the anime