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Reviews for "Fate Machine 1.0"

You are " Bimbo Lord "
The " Flawless Butthole "
Your Destiny is to "beat the shit out of 9001 bears all at once"

Indeed I will Fail my destiny

You are Luigi "Black" Jesus,The very drunk viking warlord.Your destiny is to show your dick to the internet.

lolz wow

I am Amy Mcbeard the Loli-chasing sempai my destiny is to show my dick to the immaterium.

I am MelonBread Asuka The Backfliping Otaku

My destiny is to die in battle against manga. OH GOD!! I'm the prime minister of Japan?!

My name is Angsty-as-fuck Chan
The acne-ridden hero
My destiny is to
battle with a dozen Saiyans.