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Reviews for "Icebreaker The Gathering"

It is great that Nitrome is bringing more and more games to this site!
Awesome game, impossible to say something bad about it!!

Great game i have loved this series even from the first one

DUDE, after all these years i never though i would find Nitrome games again, and even less on Newgrounds, man these games where the only thing that kept me sane during and after school is so nostalgic to play this one more time.

Thank you Newgrounds for preserving this and making it run

Pompous music, awesome sceneries and creatively varied levels; even the first one was pretty challenging until you figure out the bomb actually blows up stone as well. I love the atmosphere in this game. The idea is like that of any other physics-based platformer, but it's got a majestic sense of mythicalness and adventure to it. Interface and controls are just perfect. Great game!