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Reviews for "Pico: Will It Slice?"

I love slicing zombies, but the levels are too repetitive and linear. Nonetheless the game was enjoyable.

io3creations responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Yes, this is just the second "baby step" in my Will It Slice series ;)

The main problems I had with this game were some technical difficulties I had. Whenever I clicked, sometimes Pico would fire and sometimes he wouldn't. Mostly (at least 80% of the time) it was the latter. This is a bug and I'm not sure what caused it. Before you ask, I did check my flash player and I did try using both Chrome and IE (IE actually worked better: for once). This actually made it a bit of a challenge for the first few levels, which was mildly entertaining. But, it prevented me from getting very far. Personally, I'm not a big fan of using the mouse to play games. With this game, pressing the spacebar to fire would have been acceptable and probably easier. Technical difficulties aside, there really wasn't anything to this game. While simplicity and shortness is important to the Pico games, this game definitely has a long way to go before it can be considered half-decent.

io3creations responds:

I haven't encountered the issue and nobody else has reported it either. I'm assuming you are not referring to the charging, because even if you click and release quickly, the weapons should fire.

Have you also checked your mouse? I remember having a similar issue and turned out that it was actually the mouse not clicking and had to replace it.

Instant classic on New Grounds!

io3creations responds:

Thanks, Pico! :)

Man this game is insane! I personally really liked it. Does killing zombies ever get old? Not really. This was fun! I love the retro design and the random writings on the wall referencing previous games. Nice work!

io3creations responds:

It's good to see that some people get it. This game was made for people like you! :)

The music and the "sound effects" are the only things saving this game from the trashcan :) 2/5

io3creations responds:

Hopefully, you'll like the gameplay more in the next one. :)