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Reviews for "Pico: Will It Slice?"

I like it but the ending sucks I was expecting a boss

its kinda fun

Music: 1,5/5
Graphics: 2,5/5
Story: 1/5
Gameplay: 1,5/5
Control: 5/5
TOTAL: 2/5

It's not a great game i'm pretty sorry but I really did not have much fun with this game...

So. I played a similar game before, and this one suffers from the same, and more, problems. What's annoying as always is that the slicer has no penetration - it only kills one enemy. Yes, there are upgrades but they change the gun height, so if there's anything in the way of the beam, and because of how many things die there ALWAYS is something in the way, making pistol the most useful weapon.
There's no strategy to this. You just take 2 steps, check the number of enemies, fall back if you have to, and carry onwards. There's no real challenge and jumping is pointless since all you have is a long empty hallway. A bit of platforming, terrain curves, branching hallways, sets of stairs, anything but a straight line would make this experience much more interesting. What's the most disapponting is the lack of a boss battle. Don't build it up if you aren't gonna do it!
Speaking of the new feature, standard shots, they're often more useful than the slicer because they push the enemy back, AND they kill them in 3-5 headshots, so if you're a fast clicker you won't need to hold down the mouse button once - because frankly the charged shot is almost useless as it is. What woulda made it interesting would be if the basic shot only pushed them back, and upgrades not only allowed penetration but also added damage to the uncharged shots, making them a combat option and not just for crowd control - which woulda made a much better experience.

Going back to jumping, it's useless not just because of the lack of platforming, but also because it's not high enough to save you from taking damage. In fact, jumping can easily screw you over because if you get caught between 4 zombies they will just keep making you fly back and fourth, taking away large portions of your health.

This is a good concept, but it has no exceptoional graphics to support it, nor is it well-executed, and music in overall sounds too generic and kinda low-mid quality. It's also uninspired and doesn't change throughout the game, so there's even no good buildup to the bossfight.
Oh, and also the plot is... An excuse, so I won't be rating it.

The ONLY thing that keeps it from getting 1 or 1.5 star is that this has a LOT of ptotential to be good, maybe even great, and shooting gibs around made me chuckle a few times.