Reviews for "Pico: Will It Slice?"

Great game, the medals work, i got them all, killed the 126 zombies, all in one session.

io3creations responds:

Good for you! :)

The game is nice

io3creations responds:

Nice :)

so cool ....i like the way it is...but pretty hard after level 5 ....................... nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

io3creations responds:

Cool :)

Oh, then I probably shouldn't recommend "Madness: Will It Slice?" ;)

Getting a black screen every time i try and play the game.

io3creations responds:

The game works for me and seems to work for others.

A few things you could try:
-update Flash Player
-try different browser, operating system.

good job!
you can improve graphics and mechanics of the game,
details make the game attractive, poster on the walls, bricks, bullets, etc
the game its fun, but too easy,
I got frustrated, couse I would like to see the boss... but ok
good choice for music, did you do it by yourself? if not, credit the guy who made the music, and sound effects too!
you made a good job, just need to polish the game
and concepts!

io3creations responds:

All your points have been addressed in the game description already ;)