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Reviews for "The Last Heart (New)"

Could definitely use an new game +
the laser you had before the game over you start with.
there you go, that would solve the huge difficulty curve this thing throws at us.
make a branching upgrade system, let us choose if we want laser or bullets.

all in all a fun game, could use some slight improvements to really be great

A well made game, however I found multiple problems which stopped me from playing multiple times.
1: All of the waves are hordes of enemies with varying speeds and explosive radius, this COULD have been used to create more strategy, but sadly it wasn't. In the later waves your shooting at a huge mass of enemies, with no indication of whether or not you could be doing better. In the end you'll just end up overpowered and lose, no matter what you do.

2: The upgrades are automatic, I like that you aren't cut off from the actin to upgrade your weapon, which can help in dire situations. But on the other hand you have no choice as to what your upgrade is, and the game, once again, could have had a bit more planning where you have to choose weapon options that work well together, but you have no choice.

This game had a good story line and music, but these issues hamper the replay value, still good work.

This game was really fun I like all the up grades there is a lot of hard things in here to kill and I also like those beam looking weapons those are like the strongest ones. Overall its a fun cool game.

My four stars! For great controls, nice sound and gameplay simplicity. But I got several remarks.
1. This mechanics can be used in extremly fast paced multidirectional and danmaku-like shooter : after high-speed hor / ver scrolling levels its nice to stop and protect something ( like heart/ base/ whatever )
2. Let players to choose between weapon damage - knockback force - radius of damage zone. It can be done through several default weapons with different characteristics or single weapon with upgrade tree ( which give us 2 tottally different games ).
3. Some "superpower" like explosion around player shoud be used when player wants it, not when it just charged :) And it would be nice to upgrade it in simple way too - more damage-more knockback- bigger radius.
P.S. Wait for your next game in that genre. )

Not a bad game, and like others I suspect there is no end. I've reached my limits, and almost got 10K. Apparently, I had the ultimate upgrade, the red laser, and while I had fun, I don't think I'll be coming back. If you are considering a second one, please consider adding a customization area, where we can choose our weapons or whatever, and perhaps maybe levels. Or just more upgrades to the weapons.

Good game overall.