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Reviews for "The Last Heart (New)"

great fun game with amazing audio and cool 8-bit theme, my highscore was 4390 but i think i could have done better if this game had some improvements, great work!!

much relentless

Decent... I like the Lazer weapon!
Lots of enemies are coming at you and you must defeat the closest ones to the heart...
You should totally made a second game because this is good...

this Make me sick

Movement was dodgy. Sometimes a button tap wouldn't register, other times it would send the bot flying. If the shooting and enemy movement experienced similar issues I'd chalk it up to my system lagging but there weren't any other performance issues.

The game is designed for the player to lose. Keeping the last human alive as long as you can would be a welcome challenge if the flaws of the game design didn't make that seem more like a chore than an obstacle to be surmounted. The shots had little knockback power and in general the nanobot seemed to be nerfed for its task. Why the robots would only send one nanobot to defeat an entire bodily infection is a question I'll not ask since that's chalked up to system limitations, but that they arm it with so worthless a means of protecting the patient is beyond me. It only barely gets to keep up (and even then, not really) with the more powerful pathogens attacking the heart. That it only takes a few waves before they begin attacking en masse would be forgivable if not for the fact that these enemies push each other ahead, as they cannot overlap each other. That only helps the wall of enemies rush the heart. Then the lack of knockback and the underpowered weapons makes things worse. While I get the idea that you're supposed to eventually lose, good design would give me all the tools to get far and then leave me to either make stupid mistakes or get bored. Instead this game feels like the creator wants me to fail as soon as possible. Even if that's true, at least lie to me. :-p