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Reviews for "#Escape: The Waiting Room"

Graphics and music are well done. Fun medals to get I really enjoyed the (relaxing) music and atmosphere!
I hope there will be a sequel!

Aprime responds:

Great! Maybe, I'm not sure yet.. I'll probably release something else first.

Thanks for the review!

i loveee this. it reminds me of another game, but I can't remember which one.ARGh.

the interface, however, would be better if you ONLY pull it up with the tab, nd not by hotspot. it gets in the way wen you need to click near the bottom of the screen. ;) LOVE THE MOOD OF THIS. delicious!

Aprime responds:

Good idea! :D
I can make it disappear when their mouse isn't near, but to get it up again they have to click.

Some people may prefer it how it is now though.

Thanks for the review! xD

more please lol

Aprime responds:

Sure. Follow me to stay up to date.

Asewome :3

Aprime responds:

Thanks! :D

I like how it said 0 minutes and 60 seconds just now, lol.
P.S. This is a good game!