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Reviews for "#Escape: The Waiting Room"

It's a good game but everytime I try to grab the bulb the medal popup sound keeps playing when I click something, I don't know if it's a bug or a problem only here but felt like letting you know about it.

Aprime responds:

Hmm, that never used to happen. I haven't edited it since it used to work without any problems. Can't see why this is happening. Weird...

Thanks for letting me know! Cheers!

this game is shit and makes no sense

feels like it was made by an autistic 12 year old

Aprime responds:

gg m8

perfect ^^

Aprime responds:

Thank you :)

I love it 5 stars but what is the code for the computer?

Aprime responds:

There's a link in the description :)

A fun game

Now here was something fun and different glad i got a chance to play around with this. This game was fun and actually reminded me of an old nes game I played as a kid, the music was pleasent and the clicking here and there was fun overall this was notbad at all, I liked what this had offered, fun medals aswell. and so that brings an end to this review the game was good it had some entertaining value some interest was high on this one, and basicly kept me focused on everything that was going on and i look forward to seeing more soon. you made this Tastefully and you did it with Confident efforts, so that was really good and i was glad i had a chance to see this.

I would suggest some improved graphics like smoother details on shades and such but other then that it was notbad at all, really came to enjoy this game.


Aprime responds:

Ooooooo, okay. Nice review. So many positives, just only graphics to improve, but then only 3/5 stars aka 6/10. Oooh well. Thanks for the review :)