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Reviews for "#Escape: The Waiting Room"

This is a really great game, the only thing that gets annoying is that the inventory sometimes gets in the way when trying to get the medicine.

Aprime responds:

Ooooh. But thanks!

HOW?! I red the paper with my glasses on, and typed the correct password and clicked on the arrow, but it doesn't work! I TYPED mx23r But it will not log me in! And on Dunb the paper it says: We've had some security issues recently, Please change your password. - Mr knightwood.
And I cant finish it! HELP!!!

Aprime responds:

Why would Mr Knightwood write himself a note?

The puzzles were interesting, nothing special. The mechanics of the game were super annoying to be honest. I hate that to go back you have to bring up the item menu, and that the item menu isn't already displayed. I don't know. I can't explain it, but moving around was super annoying. Love the medal options though.

Aprime responds:

You can press to the left and right of the screen to go back too, like all the other Room Escape games :P Glad you enjoyed the medals :)

I give five stars, but I feel 4/5 due to the medal to do the entire game under 1 minute. That is too extreme. I have gotten it down to 1 minute and 1 second with precise clicking and everything and still I cannot pass this point. I don't know how anyone else has. I would recommend an easier time or something more realistic IMPO. TY.

Aprime responds:

Just concentrate on which order you can click them in. It's easy to get it done under a minute. 4/5 is a bit subjective, but I'm glad you gave 5 stars :)

Well, ya know about the medal bug now, thanks to Masamori letting you know that.
It is pretty good indeed, normally there are no bugs, it's nice and even the sound is good. Well, if I wouldn't get this medal sound all the time.

I try to keep that out of my mind, I listened to the music and well, I like it, good choice, Sir! Really approciate it.
A nice puzzle made for nice people, I couldn't say you anything that's wrong with it, well except this annoying medal sound but hey, this game is 1, almost 2 years now on NG and old games have the problem that they'll be buggy SOMETIMES. Well buggy medals, not the game if you know what I mean.

The game's good, the music's good, the composition is nice.
I'll give you a
4.5/5 Stars
Keep 'yer work goin' mate! And if you need a decent voice actor, send me a message :)

Aprime responds:

Looks like the medal bug sound is gone, must have been the Newgrounds API.
I read your review, it looked quite detailed at first glace, turns out all it says is medal bug, medal bug, medal bug.
But in general, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)