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Reviews for "#Escape: The Waiting Room"

i have all medals :D

Aprime responds:

Good job! :D

I am going through some of the games I played and did achieve some but not all medals. This was one of it. Since it was such a long time ago I played this game, this was a whole new experience for me.

The setting is simple, but still so enjoyable: You are trapped in a room and need to get out. Everything you need to escape can be found in this room. It's a bit like those old detective stories where a murder happens in a locked room and the detective has to figure out how the murder was done and how the murderer could escape.

I like the voice overs, they certainly add a little extra to the game and the voice also offers some hints, like "I can't read this without my glasses".

The medals also add some enjoyment to the game, but I too have to admit that I used the link to achieve most of them...

Anyway, nice little game. Not too hard but it does offer a bit of a challenge. After one has beaten the game for the first time the replay value is pretty high because of the medals.

Aprime responds:

Excellent! Glad you feel that way. Was enjoyable reading this review of yours. I'm happy you liked the voice over hints too! Interesting what you said about a murder scene, if you come up with a cool idea, I might make it :D

Nice Game Dude :)

Aprime responds:

Thank you :D Cool display picture

i had a lot of fun with this. overall, it was a good point and click adventure, but i do feel like i sort of disagree with some of the logic choices. for example, i have to turn on the computer before i can enter my code into the vending machine. logically, it would make sense for me to have to turn on the computer to see which drug i needed to deduct which code i needed to enter, but in a real life circumstance, i would be able to slap random buttons without that knowledge, making it a little annoying to have to go through every single step for every time i play through it. but i completely understand and respect your decision to do it that way.

additionally, i think the way you chose to incorporate medals added a fair bit of enjoyment to it. admittedly, i clicked the link to find the requirements to unlock the medals, but it still added fun variety to it when completing it five separate times. lastly, i liked the Usain Bolt medal. it took me a couple tries, but i got it down and it was actually super achievable.

in summary, you did a great job. it was fun to play, nice to look at, and kept me interested. keep up the good work and i look forward to future projects.

Aprime responds:

Yeah, I felt the user logging into the computer was the most important part especially since they had to work out the username from the room they're in and the pictures on the wall. By allowing them to type in the correct code without the computer part, the 4th wall is kinda broken.
Glad you found the medals achievable, didn't want to make it too hard.
Thank you very much. Stay tuned.

username : wai yuen
password : mx23r

Aprime responds: