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Reviews for "#Escape: The Waiting Room"

This is a good little escape game. especially since i think the narrator is Christopher Walken :D

Aprime responds:

You're the second person to say that haha!

to get the immature badge spell 80085 on the machine

Aprime responds:


i got the username its the receptonists name and the names in the book are for the drugs and after i turned the lights on i just went through the door in 7mins 49secs will try to beat my time next time

Aprime responds:

That's a pretty good time first go, you should get under a minute after that!

Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed! xD

I thought this game was alright! It's a typical 'escape' game and was actually quite easy to escape (once you figure out what your supposed to do!)

What is reallllllly irking me now, is the other achievements I have not been able to locate.

Achievements uncompleted:

-Worth a try
-Multi tasker
-Illogical thinker
-Nag a ram
-Determined mother trucker

I got the others after a bit of logical thinking and deduction. The ones I can't access I can only speculate and hopefully mr Aprime can help me (and us!)

-I assume you can access the Surgeons room. If so, I also assume you can unlock the other achievements from there!

IF NOT, I can assume that: You can escape the room in an alternative route (i.e., in a truck maybe...?)
or you can somehow open a pc (to unlock the nag a ram?)
Immature I assume you have to do a silly act in a game, maybe pick up a pencil and draw faces on the portraits?
The rest I can not even comprehend...multitasker?! maybe related to doing 3 things at once in a short space of time?

I don't know.

Ill make it clear, that I have escaped this game via the main door countless times and still can't achieve the other achievements! Help Aprime! EVEN PM ME PLEASE! coz its driving me nuts 8)


The fact that this game has taken me 15 mins to complete first time round, the fact that I'm still constantly trying something new for the 3 days after CLEARLY SHOWS THAT THIS GAME IS ADDICTIVE!

The voice over is quite good. I like the sarcastic tone you use for some scenarios, i.e., 'its locked', ( it came across that way, whether it was intentional or not!)

I would of liked a 'subtitle' option, as sometimes, the characters voice (i assume was yours?) was a taaad too quick! It wouldn't be a bad addition though (for the people who can't hear the game!)

A bit more back story as to HOW you ended up in this room would of not gone amiss, however, this may be cancelled IF there are more things to the game I haven't found! And maybe a conclusion, i.e. 'I may have escaped the room, but my thoughts are still in pieces...who locked me here, why was I prescribed amnezol? I need to find the answers...i must go back'. Now that would of been REALLY interesting...having said that, I assume I'm supposed to be thinking that, hence I'm still playing this game NOW! ARGH!

To be perfectly honest, I liked it quite a lot.

The music is moody (as expected).

A hint button would be great (for the people who really really can't finish the game) or a sarcastic comment like 'are you serious? what are you doing? dumb ass! ' etc.

I hate reviewing the game without achieving at least 90% of the achievements, but I am genuinely stuck with the rest of the achievements!

Please help, and 9/10 for the game :)

PPS! Just remembered: What I did find genuinely annoying, is the fact that I had to click the outermost screen of in game to go back to the previous screen (or to go 'back' from one place to another, i.e., the vending machine or the desk. I reckon a 'back' button would of sufficed and would have been muuuuch easier in terms gameplay.


Aprime responds:

Addictive? Haha! That's awesome! :D
What do you mean by subtle option?
Maybe I can do a sequel to explain the answers ;)
I was going to incorporate a hint button, but the idea was rejected by my University Supervisor. I should have added one in, it's a good feature. Better than a walkthrough on YouTube.
You didn't see a back button?

Thanks for the review. I'll reply to your PM to help you out with the medals