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Reviews for "#Escape: The Waiting Room"

Why is there a hashtag next to the word "Escape" on the title?
Edit: Ok, I get it now.

Aprime responds:

Honestly? So that it appears first when you order the 'Games with Medals' by name

One of the better "Escape the X" flash games out there. I got here through Retsupurae since the game looked actually pretty okay. I enjoyed it. I could list my complaints but everyone else has basically already did that for me.

Aprime responds:

Ah, excellent! Thanks for the positive comments all round!

it´s really simple to solve and get you in the atmosfere. I wonder why this guy get a prescription for an amnesiac. Is there more in the story? as a game is really simple but fun to solve.

Aprime responds:

I'd be lying if I said there was more to the story, but I guess that means it's open to interpretation.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

When I put my name in, in the beginning, I hit enter and do everything and it doesn't start the game. Am I doing something wrong?

Aprime responds:

No idea, maybe make sure your cursor is focused on the game

gg 1m 40 sec