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Reviews for "#Escape: The Waiting Room"

Very good game ! The medals were witty and funny at the same time. I had to use the guide for the vending machine codes. I thought i would get "drug addict" medal or something for taking 5 cans of amnezol and getting high on it. ^^

Aprime responds:

Hhahahaha, fair enough. Vending machines code was easy to get though.. ah well.
Glad you enjoyed :)

Great game! Very challenging!
Love the voice acting, too! Very nice!

Aprime responds:

Thanks for playing. Glad you found it challenging and liked my voice acting :D

This was a pretty fun game, looking foward to your future projects

Aprime responds:

Haha, great! That's good to know. You may as well follow me then.

:o I looked at the medal walkthrough!
"Multi-tasker: Look at the notebook and can at the same time"
I don't understand that one!
Help meeh!

Aprime responds:

Open the notebook and can from your inventory at the same time :D

This game was triumphantly good, so much so that I am willing to defend it against all of the HATERS that would say that this game is anything less than a masterpiece. Let me refute every single perceived point against it.

This game is NOT based on one weak puzzle that is basically busywork. It is totally reasonable to expect the player to get a lightbulb to put into a lamp, turn the lamp on, use glasses that you find out of a jacket to read a note that tells you a password that you need to put into a computer's login, get a receipt from a trashcan, enter the receipt into a vending machine that you have to unlock by using a key that you get out of a desk drawer, enter a code from a random notebook that you get from yet another desk drawer and get some pills, then use scissors to cut the pill packaging apart in order to use the packaging to fix the electrical circuit box and then open the door but not the door right in front of you. HATERS would say that logic like that above is emblematic of everything wrong with escape the room flash games, but Aprime knows better and knows that logic like that is instead emblematic of great adventure game design.

This game is NOT easy. It is challenging. People said that this game was hard, okay? It's harder than Dark Souls at least. This game has an innate difficulty that is obvious to your average Newgrounds user. Haters may say that the average Newgrounds users aren't exactly the greatest gamers and would in fact say that they are generally rather poor problem solvers, but that's just high horse, elitist talk.

This game won ACCOLADES, okay? Accolades on Newgrounds such as Daily 2nd place and a reviewer's choice. Now, I know what you haters are saying through tears and gritted teeth, "Any game can win accolades on Newgrounds, there is notoriously low quality control here." Well I say that Newgrounds has extremely high standards of reviewing and is in fact one of the hardest places to get high marks on the Internet. Newgrounds has never just given 5 ratings to literally any game, so banish those thoughts from your mind.

oveRall this game is ExcellenT, So yoU People who this UndeRlying threAd of logic rEfer to need to relax.

Aprime responds:

Great! Well written! Shame about the 1/5 though ;)