Reviews for "Hidden Valley Ninja"

Nice game mate!

I like playing ninja games and this one is a treat to play.

I enjoyed every bit of this game. There were a few parts that gave me trouble (still looking for one more secret area/one more weapon) but I love a challenge and I will continue to work. The only thing I would add, would be to make an addition to the map after, and only after, you unlock a secret room. This will help with back tracking, while still keeping the secrets a secret (since they would not appear until after they were unlocked). Other than that, I thought the game was well made and you did an amazing job!

Awesome Game .

This is such a fun little game. I love it. Nice controls, nice art, and really good gameplay.

kantieno responds:

Glad to hear it! I've been thinking about returning to this game and making a sequel, so it's good to hear some people are still enjoying it!