Reviews for "Hidden Valley Ninja"

Nice game, really fun. Lovly graphic, lovly ninja, lovle speed up underware :)
Like the music durring bossfights and the smooth gameplay.

But 2 things;
the get 5 weapons medal doesnt work (only missing 3 weapons)
and its too easy (especially the bossfights = it doesnt matter how often you die)

kantieno responds:

I am glad you liked the boss music as that is the only piece of music in the game that I personally made! I feel as thought the skill tree was a poor choice for this game or at least could have been done better as the game is rather unbalanced in terms of difficulty, you could probably level health all the way up in 10 minutes and just tank everything!

Nice game !

LOL that ninja with the balloon cracked me up. Fun game for a 2D.

I like playing ninja games and this one is a treat to play.

I like the game but I think there is a problem in the weapons medals. To now we have one user who got the weapon master, but no one has the lotsa weapons... I achieved in getting every weapon yet this happen.

Also I must say it was fun hunting every room in the game, but for some reason whenever I saved the game the game froze for me... To bad XD It would've been nice to be first epic explorer of this game!

Still simple and entertaining. A style that will survive hopefully to the years to pass. ;)

kantieno responds:

Hmm, I just tested for the weapons medal bug and I can find no explanation for it. The code is correct and there are no spelling errors. The "Weapons Master" medal is checked in the same place as "Lotsa Weapons", so I cannot find any explanation for why it isn't working. I will try to find a way to fix it though!

It's a shame that it froze when you saved, that is one reason I could not make it autosave. Whenever it saves it freezes up for a little bit, and I have no real explanation for that either! Hopefully it is something that I will be able to prevent in my future games.

Despite those issues, I am glad you enjoyed it!