Reviews for "Hidden Valley Ninja"

I liked the game, nice graphics and animation, though it seems like 'Lotsa Weapons' is not working for me too. I didn't get 'Explorer' medal too, because I'd need a map to see where all the secret areas are, and probably that's why I didn't find all the weapons to earn 'Weapon Master' medal.

kantieno responds:

Thanks! I still could not figure out what was wrong with the "Lotsa Weapons" medal, it uses the same code as "Weapon Master" which is working and I could find no typos. So I decided to just remove that medal for now until I find a replacement. if any. I am glad you liked it!

Nice game, really fun. Lovly graphic, lovly ninja, lovle speed up underware :)
Like the music durring bossfights and the smooth gameplay.

But 2 things;
the get 5 weapons medal doesnt work (only missing 3 weapons)
and its too easy (especially the bossfights = it doesnt matter how often you die)

kantieno responds:

I am glad you liked the boss music as that is the only piece of music in the game that I personally made! I feel as thought the skill tree was a poor choice for this game or at least could have been done better as the game is rather unbalanced in terms of difficulty, you could probably level health all the way up in 10 minutes and just tank everything!

Nice game !

LOL that ninja with the balloon cracked me up. Fun game for a 2D.

I like playing ninja games and this one is a treat to play.