Reviews for "Hidden Valley Ninja"

You can spam the restoration room secret area to gain XP from
the barrels and crates infinitely.

I was level 10 before I ever left town.

This being said, I enjoyed the combat system and the mechanics
came very easy to me. The graphics and tone of the game were
enjoyable. I hope to see more!

Awesome Game .

I enjoyed every bit of this game. There were a few parts that gave me trouble (still looking for one more secret area/one more weapon) but I love a challenge and I will continue to work. The only thing I would add, would be to make an addition to the map after, and only after, you unlock a secret room. This will help with back tracking, while still keeping the secrets a secret (since they would not appear until after they were unlocked). Other than that, I thought the game was well made and you did an amazing job!

I thought this game was just okay. I think the least enjoyable thing about it was how it was too complicated. It seemed like you had to go through a lot of work just to understand everything. The graphics didn't seem that good either. I thought the music wasn't bad. As always, you deserve credit for making it easy to get some medals.

As with most games, I reached a point I could not advance. It just seemed like too much work to really enjoy. I have played much better ninja games. I guess I was just looking for something "smaller". I can see how other people would like it.

Its an awesome game, but the first boss is inaccessible.