Reviews for "Hidden Valley Ninja"

overall a good fun game.

Does anyone know where the weird ball is located ? If so please message me with the location.

Good game, though the amount of grinding necessary is a bit annoying.
I'm finding that grinding the spider boss with max XP bonus yields a level up for kill while I'm in the 20 level range.

Pretty neat game. Don't know why saving takes so long though.

Very good game and concept, just the fact of how the controls are set up the arrow keys seem to stick then it becomes unresponsive or laggy.

Fun game. The hidden rooms and random collection of weapons are always a nice touch.

My only complaint, and this may not matter to every player, is that there were too many options during character advancement. I say this because game play seemed easy enough throughout that I never saw the point of using the crafting mechanic.

Similarly, the skills I guess helped, but some of them seemed so incremental that during actual play I rarely noticed the character getting significantly more effective between individual skill upgrades.

And along the same lines I tend to only use energy expending powers in a game if they really provide some enormous advantage. Otherwise it's just a pain to track how much energy you have left when trying to charge up for slightly better-than-normal powers. And HVN never provided any energy expending powers I felt gave enough advantage to care about. Fortunately there were enough nice non-energy consuming powers that I could just pick one of those that gave a useful benefit.

But maybe that stuff is someone else's cup of tea.

Otherwise good game though.