Reviews for "Attack On A-Hole Titan"

you have parodiezed every part of the show with exsqubit animation and emasculating voice acting.

Awsome animation, funny jokes and in general a great parody :D 4.5 outa 5 from me :D

I've been watching this regularly for over a month and am only now writing this review because you need to know that you can completely disregard the jerkoff review beneath this one - she's never contributed any content to this community, and has only been on board for four months.

This type of content is the very substance of Newgrounds. You want whacky cat videos and jewel puzzle games? Go to the rest of the freaking internet.
This community loves a lot of things, and is home to a myriad of fanbases. The big thing that unites us is how we all typically express that fanaticism and admiration with parody, with jest, with crude, brutal, and childish humor. This may be your first cartoon here, but it is absolutely perfect and is where it belongs.

The voice acting was superb - sound quality, emotional depth, timing, and range all made come to life which is so important when you have outlandish premises in a cartoon.
I can't even begin to articulate how enjoyable the quality of your animation is. This may be the first cartoon you've posted here, but it is obviously not your first rodeo in the world of cartooning. Well done.
Lastly, you ragged on EgoRaptor. Hell yeah.

Keep up the excellent work, pal.

EdwardMarr responds:

Dude... thank you. .. I;m going through a rough time right now while I'm working on my 3rd cartoon, and your review really gave me a great motivational pump! Thank you again.

I kinda liked attack on titan this made it look a little cruddy and insulted it I know its a parody but bro there are fans who love watching it

Attack on Egotitan.