Reviews for "Hipstercalypse"

Wait a min... if you win in the future... how would you be able to go back in the past to use that money? O_o I mean, even if you could bring items with you, different times, different bills. Apart from this tiny detail this was a fun trip, and it turns out there was actually some plot too. Graphics are great, the music's catchy and comfortably 8bit. The controls however aren't perfect, walking from one screen to the next sometimes causes you to slow down right at the edge, sometimes you have to walk back and try again if you get too close without passing, but that's another minor thing. Nice work! Hope for more fun stuff like this! It wasn't unnecessarily long either, short enough to maybe even merit future plays.


kokos0102 responds:

Yes, this timetravelling thing isn't that logical, I confess ;-) This game was made more or less as a little time waster, which was not supposed to answer such hard questions ;-) Anyway, I am glad you had a bit fun, thats what all its about...

Cool game man! it was short, simple and good. keep it up!

Well i really liked the game :) inteligent jokes also a nice humor.. but a kinda short...kinda desapoint ending... butt i still like it :)


Very fun, just needs better story