Reviews for "Hipstercalypse"

very good, did all medals

for what is the sock and the bottle?

kokos0102 responds:

Thats the realistic part of it, not every item in life has a special usage ...;-)

I thought this was a good game. What I liked about it was that I like the premise. Dang, 1996 seems like centuries ago. I also think the graphics are pretty good. It is funny to see the guy run around everywhere. It's a very funny animation effect. I don't know if that was intentional.

While it is kind of bland, I still liked it. It really does have interesting things going on. It might not be the most detailed game, but it is nice. I remember hearing about hipsters in the most recent Nostalgia Critic episode. It was a review of "The Lorax".

kokos0102 responds:


I did all that to help Bill Gates!? Damn... Oh well pretty sweet game nonetheless :)

Short and awesome!

I like this. It made me chuckle. Too bad this game isn't a reality...

Only problem I had was that the controls don't always respond. Like if the character is already at the edge of the screen, you can't transition to the next room. Overall it's a pretty cool game though.