Reviews for "Hipstercalypse"

pretty straight forward and entertaining though I wasted like 10 min with the too big clothes til i found the bathroom... but 3 stars for a game that works and sends a message, even if that message has a lot of spelling errors

I love this game for the overall brilliance and humor. Yes, the controls are a little off but overall i loved the experience and statement about modern society

Quite funny with a nice feeling. The controls are simple but works, just like the game itself.

Fuck... Grammar sucks! Music sucks! Controls are weird!
The game over-all sucks donkey ass!

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? Okay.... *sigh* The music was too repetitive. THE STORY MADE NO SENSE. The feel of the game was good.. Point and click's like these are acceptable but my fucking god... the story... Its a neat mechanic to go back in forth in time like that but jaysus... No. 3 hipsters out of 5.